Friday, August 31, 2012

Cashmere Comfort pillow

This can be made with one skein of 8 ply cashmere, 100 yards. This is a small pillow that can be snuggled and will comfort if you are sad, have cancer, or are sick.
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Cashmere Comfort Pillow


·         Yarn- 100% Cashmere 8 ply Cashmere Junkie (other suggested yarns- Jade Sapphire 8 ply 100% Cashmere or Malabrigo Merino Worsted)

·         Project uses 1 full , 100 yard skein

·         Needle- size 6 (You want at least one or two needle smaller then yarn calls for to make a tighter weave to hold the stuffing)

·         Any stuffing you like, I used 100% bamboo, very soft.

Cast on 90 stitches using a provisional cast on. Leave a long tail (enough to graft the opening closed later)

Join in the round, be careful on to twist and knit until you have just enough to graft closed.

Kitchener graft the bottom, weave in end.  Then graft the top half way across. Stuff the body of the pillow. Finish grafting the top.  Weave in ends.


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