Monday, November 26, 2012

Kara Jane Baby Dress

Kara Jane Baby Dress by Taiga Hilliard

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  1. Hi, I purchased The Dress Collection 2, of which this was an included pattern. I've knitted the first 14 rows (size 3 mos) and each time I get to row 14, there's an issue.

    Row 4:(46) stitches
    Row 5:(WS)
    Row 6:(RS) (68) stitches
    Knit 3 rounds
    Row 10:(RS)
    Knit 3 rows
    Row 14:(RS) Knit 2 (Yo, K2tog, Knit 1) repeat to the last stitch - Each time, I end up with only 2 stitches - not enough to K2tog, K1.

    Please advise as to the stitch count for Row 14.

    Many thanks! This is a lovely dress.

    Amy B Clapp